T & A at Tallulah

No matter how much I love the first snowfall of the season, being a native New Englander and all,  I am happy that we managed to avoid, by hours, the first snow of the season. We left under a low underhang of overcast clouds and ended up with rain and really high winds after we landed in Ft. Smith. When we woke up to our first morning on the road, it was very chilly and windy too . The bus was rockin’ and no one was a-knockin’.

Jim didn’t sleep very well, so we got up a little late. but we are not exactly early risers anyway, so no big deal. As I keep reminding myself; this is OUR trip and our schedule, but we do want to make sure we get to Naples by the 23rd and have plenty of time to enjoy Jonathan’s company before we head to Arcadia. We are really looking forward to spending a few days with him and seeing his new place.

The kitties you ask? Well, they are actually doing great. We got them all new soft sided carriers and loaded up plenty of catnip and Pounce  and brought lots of familiar things from home for them, blankets, mats, toys, bowls. We dose them with the Kitty Valium in the morning. That is kind of stressful for everybody, but man that stuff works!

After a  few minutes, they are ready to be loaded into the carriers. We have realized that to make them a “fort” works really well, and we cover their carriers with blankets for the duration. Carmella and Tikita are together between the patio chairs and Astrid has a separate “fort” a few feet away. Tomorrow I think I will put three three carriers together with Carmella in the middle since she loves and dotes on attention from both of them.

And tonight, another milestone. Astrid ( the black kitty) and Tikta (the white kitty) who we call Spy VS Spy ala Mad Magazine 40 years ago,  curled up together on the Hudson Bay blanket on the driver’s seat. Together! Astrid wanted to jump up with Tikita numerous times, but Tikita, bruised by years of rejection and agressiveness by Astrid, growled and resisted. She was there first, after all.  They have been getting along better lately and this was a very positive sign. They looked like Yin and Yang curled up together on the seat where Tikita relented after Astrid’s third attempt.

Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana are very interesting. As soon as we cleared the “mountains” of Arkansas, the road was flat and smooth and we were able to cruise along at about 60 MPH, which is pretty good average for us. We know, we are slow.

After the rain of the night before, we surprised by the flooding of the fields and ditches along the way. So much water! And in Kansas, we have been been begging for a drop of rain. Mother Nature is Irony Itself. And standing water everywhere, in the fields, the ditches.The Pecan growing towns we have passed through are pretty eye-opening. Tar paper shacks, literally, surrounded by pecan farms, along with untold amounts of junk and car parts and barred windows in towns of like 200 people.

So we landed in a truck stop  in Tallulah, Louisiana and it is crowded but pretty quiet. With the high fuel prices, truckers don’t run their engines all night long anymore. So that is a plus. And they back up their 53′ trailers on their own, no assistance needed. The kitties love watching the trucks and the people.

And we are happy to be here and safe and all together. We got here fairly early and and got our slide deployed and our cone in place. The place is filling up so we will see how good someone is at parking near us. The truck drivers are to be admired for their skills.



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