Further Than We Thought

We are in Ocala, Florida, about 250 miles from our rendezvous with Jonathan. We are so looking forward to a few days of not driving 300+ miles a day and really looking forward to seeing our old friend. Well, he’s not old, even though we are (older, ahem) but we met in Mexico almost five (or six) years ago.

Today we succeeded at getting up earlier and left at (9:15 AM, just 15 minutes past our target. After leaving our parking spot at Wal Mart. we dieseled up, and dude, this costs A LOT, and hit the road. Our only super heightened awareness moment (also known as high anxiety, nervousness, stress, whatever) came when we switched drivers somewhere before Tallahassee. Jim pulled into a regular gas station and before we knew it, we were blocked in by a beer delivery truck, truck with trailer on the perimeter and a car in the gas bay. When we realized we would be blocked in, with no room to back up, I got out to direct and see how we could get through. I knew that the car gassing up and the pickup/trailer had to move or we were toast. And fortunately, they both moved out at the same time and with the signals Captain Ted taught us, we successfully backed up and out of a tight spot and hit the road. And we also got some local wildflower honey in the bargain at the beekeeper pickup.

Our speed was better than average today and we went past our goal of Gainesville and landed in Ocala, about 40 miles south.  We are at a Loves Truck Stop, which, I know, sounds so lame, but it is quiet, they have WiFi, we have a good spot and we are happy to be here. Today the dosing of the cats went smoothly, but it is not lasting as long as we experienced the last few days. It must be a gateway drug.. HA HA. Joking. They stayed in their houses all day long with few complaints and were happy to be out at the end of the day. Astrid even used he box while the engine was running, progress!  If anything, it has made them more loving and Astrid, the traditional lap kitty is ever more so. If I have my laptop in my lap, she is right up there with it. It’s interesting to manage e sometimes, but they are adjusting and we are thankful for that.

Tomorrow we will be at Jonathan’s Paradise in Naples and a few days of downtime will be nice. I am looking forward to sleeping late. snuggling, visiting  and oh yeah, Christmas. One nice thing about this year and Christmas: Let me tell you, as kids, we had the best Christmases ever. Nothing could compare.  We had the Christmas Eve candlelight service, the music, stockings, the notes to Santa, the cookies, the presents. On Christmas mornings, after we opened the stockings upstairs, which were stuffed, we went downstairs to the tree and were always amazed by the gifts and the tree and the food we enjoyed while celebrating as a family.  It was the very best and could never be equaled. A fun day of eating, opening, being together and celebrating. My family’s Christmases were legendary.

This will be my first Christmas in 60 years without either  my Mom or my Dad and my brother too. I miss them so much and the wonderful times they created for us throughout our lives. Thank you Mom and Dad, nobody made Christmas like you did. I miss it and I miss you both so much, but I am ready to move on. So we are happy to be doing something different, something we haven’t done before.


One comment on “Further Than We Thought

  1. That is a great blog about the trip,, Snow comming so be glad it is a different christmas, but still understand , ????? There christmas es, were the best,, They were too , including our brother, I have been doing ok , Have a few melt down,s once in a while but , that is ok I miss them all very much,, So glad for my sisters, Thanks Wendy for such a great email.. and message, ,, Love you both very very much , Onward,,, Halga

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