Touchdown Naples!

We made it! When we woke up in Ocala, there was a heavy frost on the ground and it was cold. What part of Florida is warm exactly? Naples.

The drive was smooth and, dare I say, uneventful, which is just the way we like it. The only really tight spot was just approaching his place but with good coaching and signals (Thank you, Captain Ted!) we managed to avoid the overhanging branches and are parked right in front of his house. We avoided bad weather and as soon as we arrived we had to change into shorts and sandals. This would be very easy to get used to. White Christmas and all that? We are eating blood oranges from the trees and sunning on the patio after sleeping late after a fabulous dinner of lobster ravioli and fresh greens from the garden.  The evening was filled with good conversation, catching up on the past and looking forward to plans for the future.

He has done tons of work on the house and the five acres in the few months (!) he’s been here. The interior is gorgeous, simple and colorful. I am planning on breaking out my camera and tripod to take some pics as soon as I do a little bit more of nothing. He has all kinds of plans and lots of energy.  It’s exciting to spend time in this new beginning for him, and just like true friends everywhere, you just pick back up where you left off. One of the very reasons we got the bus in the first place.

5 comments on “Touchdown Naples!

  1. So happy you are there and enjoying your stay. He was kind enough to have sent me a box of those special oranges, whi we’ve been drinking with a little frozen vodka! We surely miss him here, but are so happy for this great new beginning. Mazel Tov!

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