Arcadia Arrival!

We are in Arcadia, parked, plugged in with plenty of water and power for the next six days! Woo Hoo!  The drive was uneventful, except for one little exciting episode during our take-off prep. We started retracting the slide and an impediment occured. Slide was hung up somehow. When we went out to see what the problem was, a bay door was not closed, hung up on the slide and the edge kind of got crunched during the retraction. We stopped immediately, of course, and realized we need to add “Close Bay Doors” to the checklist before we retract the slide. Jim straightened everything out with channel lock pliers and he even glued the small slab of paint that came off back on. Super Glue Cures all, right? It was either that or duct tape. 

We worked really hard on the checklists before we left, ordering tasks and re-ordering and trying to get everything in the right sequence, We will not retract the slide without the bay doors closed again. We are not used to being plugged into shore power and putting away the cords is harder with the slide out since you can easily bonk your head on the underside of the slide. Good thing he is agile. We just want to learn from our mistakes, and we are, since we make so many. Hopefully we will not make that one again.

We were treated to an amazing and fabulous Christmas dinner at Jon’s; turkey breast, dressing, squash (which I usually don’t even like!) apple pie and ice cream. Besides the great company, what more can you ask for?

We spent Christmas Day sunning on the patio, with a quirky playlist of Christmas music, reading and relaxing. Lots of good conversation, interesting interactions (more on that soon) and cherished moments with our friend.

And as I sit here with my laptop on my lap, my USB keyboard attached, since I hate the laptop typing, and processing the recent memories of Jon’s iPad drawings and apps, I totally realized, I am getting an iPad ASAP. It will be perfect for the bus, it will fit in my purse, there are apps for everything from cheapest diesel nearby to easy access for everything while traveling. Plus Kindle, NY Times, it’s basically a no-brainer…

Since my mom died, I have really not bought myself anything, except the lens for my camera that I replaced/upgraded that broke.

So I think a Christmas present is in order. I may even buy Jim one…

2 comments on “Arcadia Arrival!

  1. I bought Ramona an IPAD Mini for Christmas. They are supposed to be the real deal. You might want to check into them for yourself. They are really small and perfect for travel.
    Also, they do almost everything and IPAD does.

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