Downtime is Nice

Yesterday was our first full day here and we took advantage of it. The kitties settled in nicely and we slept late. After a leisurely breakfast in the bus, we met up with friends and poked around the grounds for a while.

In the afternoon, I wanted to find a thrift store since I only brought one pair of shorts with me…I know, stupid! The last time we were here, it was freezing, so I figured that would be plenty. Yesterday it was about 80 degrees! So I really needed to find another pair. And  Jim wanted to find a hardware store so he could secure the filing cabinet. This is the first trip with it in the bus and I thought it would be great to have a place to stash all my “bags,” laptop case, camera bag, reading bolsa bag and all the various cords, phone chargers, etc. Carmella likes to chew on my laptop cord so it needs to go away most of the time. And on the trip here, we found that the filing cabinet drawers liked to fly open and tip over the cabinet on tight left turns. So we had to fix that. We took all the stuff out until he could find a solution. I said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a hardware store and a thrift store right next to each other?” Not seriously, of course.

After a little Googling, we headed in on the bikes and what do you know? The Goodwill and Tractor Supply really were right next to each other. Plus the shopping center has just about everything we might need, including a liquor store. Who woulda’ thought? We got all the stuff we needed and pedaled the mile or so back to the bus.

Today I got in my first in-depth interview with the lovely Mary and Al Fordham about their 1962 Greyhound bus with over four million miles on it! That’s right, four million. As I approached Mary, sitting comfortably under her shelter, she said “You must really love your job because you have such a big smile on your face.” What’s not to like? I meet all kinds of friendly people, get to know them and peek into their buses and see the work they have done, hear about their families, travels and pets.

Walking back, it started to rain and our friends Howard and Ellen Best picked me up and stopped in to visit for a while. Howard has been one of Jim’s senior advisors throughout this project and it was great to catch up with them and receive a few more pearls of wisdom about bus life. They have been living in their bus for 24 years!

Now it is raining hard (that never happens in Kansas anymore) and we are safely tucked into the bus with the whole evening ahead of us. I remember in 2009, when we first came to the rally without a bus, when evening fell and it was chilly, we looked in envy into the warm and cozy looking buses before we had to head back to our motel. Now we have our own nice cozy bus. It is supposed to rain more tomorrow too, so we are just happy to be here.

One comment on “Downtime is Nice

  1. Rest and relax have a nice time and Happy new year,, Trying to snow hre none yet ,and predicting none, with first storm another on it way , love to all,

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