Kitten Cold Turkey Day

We had been dosing the kitties with a “relaxing” drug before we put them in their carriers for the ride each morning. This was hard on them, especially Carmella, Jim’s favorite, and hard on us too. When they wake up and come to, they are stumbling and weaving and agitated. Our friend in Bonita Springs, Doc Heimburger, explained that the stuff we were giving them was basically Thorazine, which WHOA! I remember that from the 1970s. That probably explained why Astrid was boxing Tikita’s ears as soon as they got released.

So today, we stuffed them in the carriers without the drugs, fueled up and took off for Atlanta and New Market, Tennessee, to see my cousin Gaile and her husband Ken, who I have not seen in over 20 years. Again, the reason we got the bus…

They were pretty good and not squeaking too much and when the carriers started rolling around on the floor, we let them out. Astrid, who is usually the most timid, is also the biggest, so she came out earlier and checked things out while we were rolling along.

Carmella, who has been on a solo bus trip, was the most reticent. Surprising. The day moved along and we arrived in Athens, Tennessee and are comfortably parked in a Wal Mart parking lot. This is an interesting area. When we pulled up, therre were two police cars interrogating some folks and the people inside the store were also very interesting. Have you ever seen The People of Wal Mart website? Worth looking at.

Anyway, we got the stuff and are enjoying homemade enchiladas and looking forward to visiting Gaile and Ken. The whole reason we got the bus in the first place.

Photos of the bus rally here.


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