I Never Thought I Would Say This…

Kitten Report Card

How We Thought It Would Go: 

Carmella: most social, only one catsitter ever sees. “Are you sure you have three cats?”

Tikita: Solid, tough, hides from other people mostly. White, tender-skinned, 10 times the hair of any other cat. Beware white cats.

Astrid: Totally nuts. Black, long spiky haired. Afraid of everything except us. Slight noise, she’s gone. Lap kitty otherwise.

How It Went:

A goes to Astrid! Best Bus Kitty! When we drugged them at first, she was aggressive coming off it. We quit giving them the stuff and put them in their carriers on start-up and let them out at some point. Tikita always wanted to eat. Carmella hid in the closet, digging herself a little nest. Astrid looked out the windows at the traffic going by and became more of a lap kitty than ever. By the end of the trip she knew the routine and got in her carrier when we started cleaning up breakfast and going through our many checklists.  Side Benefit: Since we’ve been home, she is unfazed by stuff that used to freak her out, so far anyway. She’s spent the night in produce stands, truck stops, Wal Marts and friend’s yards. They all did.


A also to Tikita, as expected, a dependable kitty. When we let them out, once she ate, she squeaked and climbed around for a while and then settled down.


B for Carmella. We were surprised that she was so scared. She has been in the bus when the engine noise was un-insulated and did better. The medicine affected her the most, foaming at the mouth and resisting. It was stressful for all of us! She needs lots of attention too and probably felt she wasn’t getting enough and she’s right. Those 400 mile days are tough on everybody. Planning in that regard for future trips is underway.

The built-in litter box worked great and they actually got in it a couple times as a “safe” place. It was great to have them with us and they never once tried to get out of the bus. Thank God for that!

Take Trip, Lose Cat = Not Fun.


One comment on “I Never Thought I Would Say This…

  1. sounds alot like mr. hausie, Have to give him meds too, Falls asleep but doesn;t get sick any more, Wendy loved your posting about the visit a bout gail and good lunch, Would you mind sharing about the family stuff, ???? No trying to br nosiey etc. etc, Almost ayear since moms been gone , Took all that time for me to get use to it, Thats for sure.. Glad you didn;t lose a kitty ,,

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