Blytheville Rules!


Now THIS is a bus rally! The town of Blytheville has rolled out the red carpet for the buses and everybody we have met, from the Mayor and City Council members, to the people checking out the buses have been friendly, welcoming and amazingly hospitable.

We went to Graceland yesterday and actually, the best thing about the whole experience was the ride in a vintage seated bus. On the way there we rode in a 1960 Silverside GM Greyhound and on the way back in a 1948 Flxible. Graceland reminded me of a cruise ship; lots of slow moving lines and people. GAH!

I think Elvis is making more money now that he is dead than he did when he was alive. And that is saying something! I’m glad we went, but that is one thing we don’t have to do again. Photos on Flickr soon.

Today there was a parade of buses through the downtown. Jim took some video and we will post a You Tube link soon. Right now, we are busy showing people the bus, visiting with old and new friends and eating and drinking.

One comment on “Blytheville Rules!

  1. Appears you Guys are having GREAT time……good on you….enjoy and keep us posted…So did you see Elvis….BTW, we are going to KC the week of the…16th…no camper…drive and stay with FIL…..I know Bob and Belinda are going to Denver but will be back before we leave….maybe a tour of the Dragon is in order…Horst sends

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