Let Sleeping Blogs Lie

Well, hello. Blogs go into hibernation just like computers, I guess. Not that we haven’t been doing anything bus related. Jim is always doing something.

And now we are gearing up for a big trip and I’ve been  trying to work ahead and meet deadlines. Yesterday, I had to recreate a whole document because somehow it had gotten corrupted. Then today my laptop seemed to die. But it got resurrected. My desktop is already dead but I’m not planning to replace it except with a backup laptop. Maybe soon! It  has been hectic around here, to say the least!

Anyway, I finished up a huge deadline today, have worked fairly far ahead and am planning on taking work stuff with me. I actually have never tried to work in the bus and it’s time to find out how that is going to play out.

Here’s the June issue of my new gig, Editor/Art Director of Bus Conversion Magazine. I also wrote an article about the Ghosts of Highway 61 Dixie Tour and Rally.



Keep reading and see the whole issue here.


4 comments on “Let Sleeping Blogs Lie

  1. SUPER Article…thanks for sharing….are you all finished with your mods.???..hopefully you’re on the road as it looks like KC is getting some “mean” weather lately…and again thanks for taking the time to let me visit and looking at the great Bus Conversion!!!…Horst

  2. wow very very nice, glad to see you are ok, mean weather in mo,,, too, tornado real close to us,,, but ok , very glad,,, Time to get into the bus and car,,, ya,,,

  3. Hey yall! glad to see you in the magazine!!! I can see a difference already! last months answer is one large dog. 😉

  4. Excellent article in the June issue of Bus Conversion magazine. The photos were great.
    Your professional work is highly complimented. Thanks for submitting my photo that was used in the article (Greyhound bus driver)

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