Serious Fun in Progress

I just had to work that phrase in after Claudia used it regarding The Mighty Bus.

Where to begin? We had a great stay in Kankakee River State Park in Illinois after our first night in Hannibal, Missouri. Fitting that we stayed in Hannibal on the way to Elmira, as they both have heavy duty Mark Twain connections.

It has been raining like crazy in the Midwest and the Kankakee River was swollen over the bike path in places. Oh No! We managed to ford the debris and on the second day, ride the trail about 12 miles all along the river. It rained one night and we certainly didn’t have any trouble sleeping. No water inside the bus either, unlike last summer at Escapade where we had a virtual flood that threatened to ruin our wood laminate floor. We got it back to normal, but we were warned that if it happened again, it wouldn’t go back down to normal again. Jim has sealed the slide since then and we are careful not to extend it too far after that incident.

During the week is the time to go to the state parks. We left on Saturday when the kids and dogs started to roll in, in full force.

Our spot in the campground:

And the debrised-over bike path that we managed to ford and continue onward.
IMG_4715 IMG_4710

We had someone take our pic at the overlook.

Then we rode back to the bus for a dinner of grilled swordfish, baked potatoes and corn. Yum!

Next up: A reunion with my old college friend from Columbia, Claudia and her now-husband Dennis. They have been together for 35 years (YIKES!) and married for 10. They have an awesome place with their own bocce court, sprawling garden and cute kitties. The first night we were there, we joined a delicious and fun dinner party. This traveling thing is growing on us!

But now for a little more relaxing while photos upload.  Check here.

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