Old Friends, Kitties and Art

DSC_1532And8More_tonemapped  DSC_1507

We had a great few days in Sawyer, Michigan with our old friends from Columbia, Claudia and Dennis. Claud and I went to art school together and they ended up moving to Chicago in 1982. We went there to see them a few times but determined that it had been 25 years since our last visit. While we were planning this trip, we decided to see if they were up for a visit. I called Claudia out of the blue and we had a nice chat and made a plan.

Their place is tucked away beside the railroad tracks and they had a great spot for the bus. The kitties weren’t so crazy about the trains but they adjusted. Many years of work converted the existing barn on the property into an open, spacious and comfortable abode with gardens, pond and three cats, Skid, Felix and Gato. Skid and Felix were friendly, but Gato not so much. Of course, we have Astrid, so that is easy to understand.

The first night we joined their impromptu dinner party with friends visiting from Chicago, local artists and personalities. The food was good, wine flowed and conversation was stimulating. Exactly the scenario we envisioned when we got the bus to meet up with friends near and far. The rain made for good sleeping, but when Jim got up in the night during a hard downpour, he discovered we had water in the bus from the slide. This happened once before and he thought he had it sealed, but the futon and the rug took the brunt of it and it didn’t damage the laminate floor like last time. GAH! Now we bring the slide in when rain is predicted. Everything dried out just fine.

The next day we went to the beach and walked along the shore. The water was cold but the sand was hot and it was delightful. During the time we were there, we toured the local art studios of the folks who were at the dinner party. We had a beer at Greenbush Brewery and Claud and I visited her friend Linda, who lives in the local Quigley’s Castle, a charming art-filled house and garden.

DSC_1658  DSC_1641  DSC_1660

We went to Dennis’ shop in Three Oaks, where he creates outstanding furniture and cabinetry. He also has a sweet shop cat, Maggie. During the shop visit, we got a sample of the music and style he brings to his local radio show, Monkey vs Robot with DJ Snoboy. It airs Wed 8-11 pm ET live and repeats on Thur 2-5 pm ET. It also streams on: radioharborcountry.com. He mixes all genres of music in a eclectic and rousing manner. Check it out for an upbeat listen.

Maggie, the shop kitty.

We also saw some of the gardens Claudia designed for her landscape clients. There are some very nice (read, expensive) summer homes on the lake and Dennis and Claud even share some clients; those are some fortunate folks. Claudia also has a studio at home to die for where she makes very cool illustrations. I tried to convince her to start up an Etsy shop and hopefully she will. She even gave us a piece for the bus.

The last night we were there, we had dinner at a mideastern place and then it was time to hit the road for Union City and a few days at Turtle Lake. We were there on our maiden voyage and couldn’t even plug in because the electrical system in the bus was so whack. This time, no problems.



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