TLR – You Figure it Out


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After visiting Dennis and Claudia in Sawyer, MI. We got to spend two magical days in Union City, MI at Turtle Lake. We had a great campsite with 30 Amp electric and water plus no immediate neighbors. While we had not been ‘on the road’ long, getting ready for a month long bus trip takes a lot of planning and execution and is a multi-day process. We were really beat when we actually got to hit the road! So, we welcomed another opportunity to Chill!

We also had a short 100 mile drive from Sawyer, MI, so we arrived at Turtle Lake fairly early in the day. What a treat! Wendy did most of the driving that day and the roads were fabulous. We’ve decided we really like the two lane blacktops. They roll through small towns and the speeds are low, but they’re perfect for the bus. We can maintain a steady 55 mph or 60 mph and the going is good. They really are so much more scenic, relaxed and quiet. Interstate highways are a great advancement, but we’re not in a hurry any more – go figure Jerry Seinfeld! Out of Sawyer/Three Oaks, we followed Rt 12 to Niles, MI and then found our way to Union City via Rt 60.

Union City was one of our destinations in 2010 on our ‘maiden’ voyage in the bus (talk about greenhorns, wet behind the ears, fresh off the turnip truck, etc.) so it was deja vu all over again to return to the exact same spot in the campground! So day one was total downtime, nada, I might have gone for a bike ride around the park, but I’m not even sure of that. I did do some laundry while we were there while Wendy caught up on some work and later took a bike ride herself. It was luxurious not to have to fix something! Last time we were there I had to figure out why we couldn’t get any power into the bus from the shore pedestal and rewire the transfer switch.

In the late afternoon, one of the park staff stopped by the bus to tell us severe weather was predicted for our area that night. Great! We were just getting things dried out from the soaking we got in Sawyer. Somehow, one of us suggested that we bring the slide in if it is going to rain. DOH! Why did it take us so long to figure that out? So we reached for our ipads and downloaded a couple weather apps so we could call the wrath of the gods down on our heads. As it turned out, it went all around us both north, south, etc. Some areas got all of the fun – 5″ of rain and high winds, hail, etc. We had a quiet night.

Our next destination from here – Potterville, MI just outside Lansing for the annual Oldsmobile Homecoming car show and rally. We had a great place to park – Thanks Calvin! and the Homecoming was fantastic with over 500 Oldsmobiles from the oughts to the 2000’s. That’s another blog.

We’re having a wonderful trip and the kitties are doing great.

One comment on “TLR – You Figure it Out

  1. Love following your Blog…oh, did I tell you..GREAT photography…and here I am camping in my drive way…oh bother…thanks for sharing your adventure…Cheers Horst sends

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