When we began to plan this trip around the NAOC National Meet in Elmira, my Olds buddy in Lansing, Judy Badgley said, “Why don’t you come to Homecoming?” For the uninitiated, Oldsmobile Homecoming is a humongous one day show outside Lansing, Michigan held on the weekend of Father’s Day every year. We thought it was a no-brainer and planned to attend.

Judy even generously offered the bus a place close to the show at her son Calvin’s place. So we called Calvin, made the arrangements and ended up there the night before the show. We had dodged huge storms and tornado warnings in Union City a few days before and when I asked Judy how they had fared, she said they got five inches of rain! Whoa! She assured us that the spot for the bus was good and we wouldn’t sink to the axles and she was right. It was a level, quiet spot just a few miles from the show site, easily bike-able.

When we got to their house, the Korff family, Kevin, Brent and Al were busy detailing the cars, and that is no small job in this family. Judy said they love to clean the cars and she loves to cook, so it was a win-win for everybody. Here they are with just one of the several Hurst Olds Pace Cars they and their sons own.


Then we had a chance to tour her and husband Doug’s “Oldsmobile Museum.” That is no stretch; they not only have barns full of Oldsmobiles, but practically every dealer perk and give-away ever made, thousands of items all arranged for easy viewing in a a large upstairs room of their house.

By the time we got to the show, we were immersed in Olds history.

And the show itself? Over 500 Oldsmobiles, 562 to be exact,  converged on the site for a beautiful day. There was even an Oldsmobile/GM related tattoo contest. These folks take their cars seriously.


This was one of the better ones, artistically speaking.

As an added bonus, my longtime neighbor and friend, Shirley Phillips, who bailed to California about three years ago was in Lansing visiting her son, David and we got to meet up with them and have dinner. David is an up and coming animation specialist and is working on a new game that will most likely be a big hit, Evolve and Conquer. Look for it this summer.


Later in the evening after the show, we had a nice visit with Calvin, his wife, Doris and their grandkids, Shayla and Gavin, who is just seven weeks old. Doris took the front cover photo of the June issue of Runabouts to Rockets. How these two are old enough to be grandparents is beyond me, but they obviously dote on them. We shared the story of the blessing of the bus with them as they are headed off to Israel soon with a group from their church.


We thanked them profusely for the great place to stay and their kind offer to strangers. Calvin summed it up nicely when he said, “It’s all about stewardship.” We are very thankful to be the beneficiaries of such kindness.

More photos of Homecoming on Flickr here.


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