O Canada

We had a brief stay in Canada to camp at the Pittock Conservation Area in Woodstock, then on to Niagara Falls. We had both been to the American side, but Canada really has the best view of the horseshoe falls.

Our drive from Lansing was smooth and no problems encountered until right before we got to the Conservation area where the roads were closed. It said Local Traffic only. This time we decided to trust the GPS and decided we were local traffic.


We got through just fine and made camp in a great spot with our own river access. We watched the kayakers and birds for awhile before the mosquitoes began to gather.


The next morning I awoke to a brilliant sunrise and jumped up and grabbed my camera for this view:

After breakfast we took off for Niagara Falls. Since our GPS can’t decide if it likes us, or it thinks it is smarter than we are, we started using the iPads for navigation, which is very cool because you can locate yourself on the map and see your progress. We ended up smack in the middle of the tourist area and found some parking which we gladly paid $20 for. Then on to the falls, which did not disappoint.

DSC_2181 DSC_2152
Right after we cleared a very tight turn in US Customs and the interrogation of the agent who checked the bus for extra “passengers” we decided to take the regular route instead of the truck route, which involved the approach to a 12′ 7″ bridge that we knew we couldn’t fit under. OOPS! I jumped out and we successfully stopped traffic and backed it up through a busy intersection to the detour where we could fit.

Heading back into New York, we encountered some scary 10% grades in the Grand Canyon of New York, especially in the vicinity of the village of Warsaw. I was driving by this time and somehow the jake brakes had gotten turned off, so we had some interesting exchanges between the two of us getting speed and braking straightened out. Long lines of cars behind us too. IMG_4952

Approaching one of the biggest downhills, we saw this rainbow and knew it was going to be OK. It was in the end, but I was very happy to see the road level out a little. Oh, and after stopping to let a line of cars go by and the brakes cool off, we discovered that the jakes weren’t on. They made a big difference the rest of the way.

We made it to Letchworth State Park for a couple of nights of much needed downtime.

The next morning, I woke to find the cats very involved with a game they were playing with a pair of cardinals. It went on for hours.

See one here and the other here. The cats finally got tired of it and the next morning the cardinals didn’t understand why they wouldn’t come out to play.


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