Too Much Fun…So Little Time


Since we last posted, we  have been in a whirlwind of travel, work, and visiting. We headed to Elmira for the NAOC National Convention and it went off without a hitch. Dick White found us a great spot for the bus right next to the show field and we were able to stay there for four nights without any intervention from authorities, unlike West Virginia in 2011 when we were told we could bring the bus but couldn’t stay in it. That after bringing it all the way there and getting away with two nights out of four in the bus.

The weather was perfect, and getting together with old friends is always good. The food at the Welcome Reception and the banquet was actually really good and the drinks in Paul Hartlieb’s traveling bar were as tasty as ever.

While we were there, Jim went to the Soaring Museum and actually went soaring. He took a cool video that I will let him post and describe. We also biked to Mark Twain’s grave in a very cool old cemetery and visited an original wooden carousel in Eldridge Park. More photos on Flickr soon.

After the goodbyes were said and the bus packed up, we packed it up and headed for a lovely garden parking spot right in central Philadelphia at our friend’s Michael and Randy’s. We had a lovely three days and nights of swimming, sunning, eating, drinking and catching up with them.  More photos and info coming soon.

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