One Truth, Many Paths

A big part of the plan for this trip was to try to visit old friends we hadn’t seen for awhile. As in five, fifteen and twenty-five years having passed since we last crossed paths.

Our last stop on the eastern swing was to see our old friend, Ganesh at Yogaville in Buckingham, Virginia. We met in Columbia, Missouri in like 1974 and traveled in the same circles until he left in 1982. He and Jim both studied Integral Yoga with Swamiji, but I never met Satchidananda. Years later, he founded the ashram on 800 beautiful Virginia acres in hilly terrain overlooking the St. James River. What a setting!

Since then we have gotten together in Maryland and Kansas, while he had a traveling job doing the ashram’s book distribution, but after that we got out of touch. Time to fix that. Since he is now the Director of the Sri Swami Satchidananda Ashram, he wasn’t too hard to track down. We exchanged some emails and made a plan.

When we got there, Ganesh was in meetings but we got the bus situated and managed to attend a Hatha Flow class, much needed after hilly backroads and tight parking. Always a challenge!


After practice we met Ganesh and Koruna walking back to the bus. What a delight to have the years melt away and pick right back up where we left off. It had been a while so there was a lot to talk about. And it was like we had always known Koruna. Maybe because she is a true animal lover, we all hit it off right away. We ate a delicious organic meal at the ashram and made plans for the official “tour” the next day. Some of the highlights:

IMG_5251 IMG_5249 DSC_3194 DSC_3174 DSC_3148
Ganesh and Sunderam                                                                                        More photos here.

Their big meal of the day is mid-day so we feasted on fresh salad and greens from the garden, noodles, corn on the cob, and fresh picked green beans before we headed off to Koruna’s house. You may wonder why a married couple has two houses, but if you saw each of their homes, it would be hard to make a choice or give up either place; they’re both that lovely. Koruna’s twenty or so acres and house includes an overlook with rolling pasture and a lake and a pasture for the goats and her rescued goose. I told you she loves animals. She has several goats and they ate up the compost from preparing lunch. The goose did too.

Ganesh’s compound on eight acres is secluded and well equipped, with the pottery studio right next door to the house and the kiln outside, under cover. Jim and I still have some of his pieces from the old days and his new stuff is great too. Koruna is getting so good at throwing pots, he said, that she finally started signing her pots. He never did sign anything, and says he never will, so she wanted to be able to tell that she made it! That made us all laugh.

On our last day, we got a tour of Charlottesville and ate Indian food before we headed west in the bus for the first time in almost a month. He may have thought we didn’t see, but before we left the mall parking lot where we parked it, Ganesh blessed the bus, just like Deacon Scott did at the beginning of the trip in Farmer City.


Thanks to Ganesh and Koruna. What a priceless time together! I hope I speak for the group, but we all just got down to the basics of reconnecting with no delay. That made our time together seem a little longer than the three days that just flew by. And Koruna was an instant friend. We just can’t believe our good fortune and the gracious way we have been welcomed on this trip, with hospitality, food, and good conversation and time together.

Koruna and Ganesh are such a good pair, so down to earth and easy to be with. It was a delight spending time at Yogaville.

And this: One Truth, Many Paths. 

That about sums it up.


Where else have we been?

Our first major visit was to Claudia and Dennis‘ place in Sawyer where we where we spent three lovely nights in their driveway.

Then on to Lansing. NAOC buddy, Judy lives there and we did Oldsmobile Homecoming. Another old friend, Shirley was in town too and we got to do some catching up.

Philadelphia was a most welcome respite after the fast moving atmosphere at the NAOC Meet, where we caught up with lots of folks.


2 comments on “One Truth, Many Paths

  1. Not surprisingly, Wendy, your photos look amazing and hugely more exciting than the ones they’ve used on their own website. Perhaps you should offer to sell a few? That lotus thing looks like a spaceship settled on the riverfront. Cool. Sounds like you guys are having fun. xo

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