Beckley, Louisville, Warrenton and Home

We had planned to take a little more leisurely route home and stop at a state park or Rend Lake for a day or so, but since we needed to leave again the week after we got back, we decided to head for the barn. The first day heading west was SLOW due to all the hills, but straightened out toward Louisville so we could cruise.

After a night at the Wal Marts, we fueled up in Beckley, West Virginia and only had a minor seizure when we went to use the dump station. I was driving and put it in neutral before shutting it down to turn off the refrigerator. As I was walking to the back of the bus, Jim started banging, and I mean BANGING on the side of the bus. I was like “WTH? Maybe he’s telling me to shut it off. Give me a minute already.” Then I realized we were rolling backward; I had forgotten to set the brake. YIKES! Fortunately no bay doors were open to get mangled in the process and we proceeded to dump without incident. Boy did I feel stupid. Jim said he was trying to decide if he had time to run to the other side and get the wheel chock out of the bay. Probably not a good idea to get behind a rolling bus.

Then we headed for the Elks Lodge in Louisville. When we arrived, the parking lot was packed, including the usual RV parking spot. It was a hot Sunday and they have a pool, so no brainer there.

We ended up just staying where we originally parked and had the last of our frozen enchiladas for dinner. Man, those things are tasty. I will have to gear up for another big batch when the weather cools off.

The next night we planned to stay at the Elks Lodge in Ladue, Missouri, just mninutes from where I grew up in St. Louis. We had called ahead and they said it was OK to park in the back, but when we got there, the bartender told us that in an hour there were going to be 500 people there for a swim meet. We decided to keep rolling and found an Elks in Warrenton which served nicely as the last spot on the road.

The next day was hot and we were heading west on I-70 just about 50 miles from home when the telltale lights for Hot Engine and Low Oil came on. I checked the temperature (yes, I was driving again) and it was creeping up. We pulled over and it cooled down fine. We took it real easy after that.

We got home and everything was great, lawn mowed, house taken care of, pond and fish healthy and OK. As I told our neighbor, who helped a great deal, “Maybe we should go away more often!”

Next up: Tulsa, Oklahoma for the FCA Convention.


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