I Forgot About This Part…


Actually, I didn’t forget, but for some reason didn’t include one very crucial event in my wrap-up on our trip to Tulsa. This could have been the “Make or Break” factor of the whole trip, and beyond for that matter, depending on the outcome.

Even though it was just a four day weekend, we took the cats. They are used to the bus now after just finishing a month on tour. Good practice for them and for us. We put them in their carriers to take them out to the bus, but based on past experience, we let them out when we started rolling and they all went to their respective hiding places. We had gotten our new chairs since the last trip though and Astrid’s spot under the futon no longer existed. I made her a little fort so she could get under the chair and all seemed OK.

I had to mail something so we pulled over to our little local PO and Jim kept the bus running while I jumped out to mail the package. Except right before I closed the door, I noticed a long haired black kitty slither out the door and onto the grass next to the bus! Astrid!

OH MY GOD! She got out! The schitzoidest one of all!

What to do? She turned as if to go under the bus but it was running and noisy, so she turned to the open yard next to us. I said “Astrid…”

Thank God she froze and I took two giant steps and scooped her up.

Jim was at the door by that time, having not even realized that she had gotten out. The whole thing was over in about a minute, but each time we have gone over it since then, we realize that it could have turned out completely differently. And not necessarily in a good way. We are so grateful it was over so fast and the outcome was good.



One comment on “I Forgot About This Part…

  1. I think it was clearly one of those ‘quantum’ moments. Any number of futures were possible in that instant. Wendy saw it and snatched the best one right out of the foam of potential realities.


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