Dusting off the Bikes and the Blog

We are taking this week to ride the Katy Trail, the longest rail to trail bike path in the country. Here are some pictures from the first time I rode the whole distance solo in 1997. I shot black and white film on this trip, processed the film, scanned the negatives and colored the images  before printing on watercolor paper and making an album.  Whew. Lot of processing.

Here are a few:




Right after I stopped here, I had a flat on a very long hot stretch with no shade cover. Luckily, I was still by Route 94 and was able to get some help getting the wheel off and changing the tire. No worries after that. I did buy two new tires next chance I got.


The Rendelman Home in Bluffton. Great B&B with a great host. We had a blast.


I’m riding the same bike this year, with lots more miles on it.


Another trailhead. Somebody else’s bikes.


This time taking digital camera and iPad. And the bus. And the cats.

Stay tuned!




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