Katy Trail Bus Trip

We had a great bus trip and four days of bike riding on the Katy Trail in mid Missouri. The MKT is the longest Rails to Trails corridor in the country and we are so fortunate to have this great resource in our backyard. 

We are also very fortunate to have good friends who live right on the trail and graciously allowed us to park the bus on their land. Not only that, but Marni fed us almost every night with fantastic organic food and creations from their garden. Bliss! Eric is an accomplished musician and we enjoyed musical evenings with wine and good conversation.

Sunset at Cooper’s Landing

The Rocheport Tunnel, the only one on the trail

The mighty Burr Oak tree, 350 years old. That means it was 150 years old when Lewis and Clark came through in 1804.

Boathenge, not far from Cooper’s Landing.


Our bus parking spot, below the asparagus patch. The morning we left, we had a tremendous thunderstorm with lightening and torrential rain. We figured we better get the bus out before we tore up their place. Missed a photo of Eric and Marni together and our iPad recording session. We’ll do those next time.

Eric and Cyber, the singing kitty. He sings along when Eric plays guitar.

What a great trip! Thanks so very much to Marni and Eric for the hospitality.

More photos on Flickr.


2 comments on “Katy Trail Bus Trip

  1. Sounds like a terrific trip..Katy trail is on my bucket list…GREAT photos!!!..thanks for sharing…have a super week…when is your next adventure..Horst sends

    • We’re headed to the last great Georgia Pig Roast at our friends’ Howard and Ellen Best in GA. Mid-late October time frame. Maybe a bus rally in TN on the way down.

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