Mountain View, Missouri


First day out went fine; only a little excitement when the engine lost power and shut down on the side of the road. This happened once before on a really hot day when the temperature got close to 200 degrees, but I was watching it like a hawk and it was not anywhere near there. Why does this always happen when I’m driving?

We got pulled over as far as we could and Jim went back to check the engine. It turned out that the fan belt was just flopping around in the engine compartment, not attached to the cylinder it was supposed to turn to cool the engine. He got out some tools and fixed it right there on the shoulder. You know, ladies, I would never have considered it a criteria for marriage, but being married to a really handy guy is great! He can, and does, fix anything.

Soon we were back on the road and no more problems. Jim had spotted a Wal Mart in Mountain View for our first night out but when we got there, the parking lot was really small and pretty filled up already in the early afternoon. There was a little hometown grocery store next door, that apparently Wal Mart had not put out of business yet, so we asked the manager if it was OK to park there. He scoped us out a spot and it worked great.

We pulled right up next to the building and in the morning I realized that we wouldn’t be getting the warming effects of morning sun since we were socked right up against the building. Something to remember in the future; leave yourself some warming eastern morning exposure.

We had an uneventful night, our favorite kind, and a nice dinner of mahi mahi, homegrown tomatoes and broccoli.


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