Hopkinsville, Kentucky

We headed for the Elks Lodge in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Joining the Elks has been a great deal; lots of lodges let you park overnight, they usually have a nice level lot, some have hookups and at some lodges the first drink is free! What’s not to like?

On the way there, we passed through Sikeston, Missouri and decided to eat at Lambert’s Cafe, the Home of Throwed Rolls. Neither one of us had ever eaten there, so we decided to get some lunch. It turned out to be lunch, dinner and lunch the next day – so much food! We knew we were in trouble when they brought the drinks. In like a half gallon bucket. They really do throw the rolls across the dining room to your table. (Jim caught his.)

IMG_5534 IMG_5538 IMG_5541

Sufficiently stuffed, we headed for the Elks in Hopkinsville. When we got there, I went to check in and give our donation and the gentleman told me none needed. I tried to insist, but he wouldn’t hear of it. So, cool! We didn’t go in for a drink because 1) they were having a meeting in a few minutes and 2) the cigarette smoke rolling out of the bar would probably have killed us. I guess they still get to smoke in public/private places in Kentucky, a tobacco state.

IMG_5548 IMG_5547
This turned out to be a good spot and needless to say, we ate leftover pot roast (for me) and fried chicken (for Jim) as our dinner. We will arrive in Shelbyville, Tennessee tomorrow for the start of The Great American Bus Rally before heading to Howard and Ellen’s for their 20th annual (and last) pig roast. That will be another stretch of days parked; we like those.


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