The Great American Bus Rally

Gary and Gloria Thornberry are the welcoming hosts of the Great American Bus Rally, held in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Shelbyville is the home of the Tennessee Walking Horse and the rally was on the Celebration Grounds. Each coach has two spots, which makes for nice spacing on the field.

Even though we are (fairly) new at the bus thing, there were lots of folks there we had met and made friends with and we got to catch up with them, plus meet new people. There is a Happy Hour every evening with lots and lots of good food, shrimp cocktail, cheese balls, and dinners of brisket, delicious potato salad, salad and of course, dessert. A bus rally is not a good place to try and lose weight… Just sayin.

As we crossed the Mississippi at Cairo, Illinois I was thinking maybe we would get to see Janet Sullens Moreland of Love Your Big as we crossed the river. I met up with her in Missouri when she came through in her voyage to become the first woman solo paddler to travel the entire length of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to the Gulf of Mexico. I knew it was a long shot and it turned out that she was a couple days behind, but we waved anyway. She came through a few days later. Go to her site and consider supporting this amazing expedition with a donation.

This bridge crosses the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.


Once at the rally, we got busy relaxing and catching up with folks. And eating and drinking, of course. One day there was a tour to a local breeder of Gypsy Horses; she is the top breeder and has four stallions and several mares and geldings. One of the stallions, Romeo, is the top stallion of the breed in the world. Here he is with his trainer.


Some of them are riding horses and others carriage horses. They all have a lot of hair.



Linda and Ellen. They begged me to take their picture – HA!


The rally is over Sunday and then we will caravan to Howard and Ellen’s for their 20th (and last) annual pig roast.

More photos on Flickr.


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