The Pig Roast

After we finished up with the bus rally, a caravan of buses left for Georgia and Howard and Ellen’s 20th annual pig roast. We got to their place in Georgia early in the week and settled in for more eating and visiting. I thought we ate a lot at the bus rally, but that was just a warm up for the following week. The first few nights, Ellen and her kitchen helpers cooked for everybody. One night was meatloaf, one chicken soup. By the time the actual pig roast date rolled around, we were getting good at chowing down.

Howard is the master bus parker and he got the early arrivals settled. By the time buses and people began to arrive in earnest a few days later, it was a masterpiece of parking and plugging in.


This was before it started to get a little crowded…



Howard got us roses for our anniversary, so sweet…

And besides all the good food at the bus base, we also went out to eat! Why not?



Howard and Ronnie, his cousin, smoking the ribs. Ronnie is the “hired help.”

More photos on Flickr and more here soon.


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