Off to Indiana

We pulled out of Howard and Ellen’s place Sunday morning on our way to Indiana to get our custom iPad, iPod, laptop, keyboard storage and charging station cabinet. Jim designed it and Bob Sponcil is building it for us. They will finish and install when we get the bus there. Bob is a high end cabinetmaker, so we were excited about not only having the cabinet, but being able to clear off that space behind Jim’s chair where the laptops, iPads, iPods, and camera bags all got dumped.

BEFORE: (and this is only part of the stuff…)


Before we left Howard’s, we needed to dump and Jim wanted to measure the actual height of our bus. Where better than among a bunch of bus nut kibbitzers? Howard on the ladder and Ronnie is once again “the hired help.” We are 12′ 8″, so that time we had to turn around in Canada was for realz.       DSC_4953  DSC_4964
Jim, Ronnie and Howard. Time to roll.   DSC_4960

The buses were pretty packed in down at Howard’s building too! Lots of maneuvering to get out of here.

We spent the night in Williamsburg, Kentucky. We got off the highway and somehow Siri got us pointed in  the wrong direction on Highway 92. Naturally, I was driving and we soon found ourselves on a narrow, curvy two lane road with no shoulder. A stream was on one side and rock bluffs on the other. Not looking like a Walmart anywhere near here…

We got turned around and got to the Walmart just as the sun was going down. Even though we had a ton of food on board, I bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner when I went in to be sure it was OK to park there. I was just grateful we didn’t have to move anywhere.

One comment on “Off to Indiana

  1. Hi Wendy – more and more adventures for Wendy and Jim and the fur children! Rotisserie chicken is always comfort food! Hope you land soon and stay for a while in K.C., so that we can get together for some Holliday cheer. Also hope these comments are getting through to you. With admiration, Betsy and Ralph Holliday

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