Cabinet Makers

We headed for Zionsville, just northwest of Indianapolis. Bob and Vickie have a lovely spot that we hadn’t been to since a family reunion many years ago. It was so nice to see all the trees they have planted in a mature state. They live in a forest!  Bob is a master craftsman and their house is bigger and reworked and even lovelier since we saw it last. We have visited with them many times in Kansas and Missouri but it was really nice to spend time with just them, not a whole group of cousins at a time. We have been so fortunate to connect (again) with so many fun, easygoing, like minded and interesting people during our bus travels. Refreshing and recharging, good conversation never goes out of style.

The next morning the guys got busy while I went to work. This trip is actually the first one where I managed to complete a whole magazine while on the road. It was tricky and took a little longer than normal, but definitely do-able. Having these two days really helped with that.

Bob had roughed out the cabinet frame and the doors, but wanted to have the bus here in order to make everything fit and work right.

BEFORE: The receiving area

DSC_4976 IMG_5718Great bus parking right in front of the shop.

They wanted it bolted into place, however temporarily. Jim still has to do all the wiring and connections for USB stuff to accommodate 12 volt charging. That outlet will have to be moved.

At first, they planned to use magnetic latches on the inside of the doors, so all you have to do is press in on the door and it opens. After some early testing, they decided to add extra latches due to the torque and tension of the bus. So it would look like this on the outside.

IMG_5713Partway through, they decided that even extra magnetic latches wouldn’t be enough. Too much chance the doors would pop open. Go to Plan B, which I actually like better; add stronger latches on the inside and a small pull on the top of each drawer. Works for me; we definitely don’t want things coming open going down the road.

IMG_0480Carmella wanted to explore, of course! Jim still has to add the foam pockets and do the wiring, but this is going to be a big improvement!

Thanks to Bob and Vickie for their warm welcome, delicious dinners and good parking! How to thank Bob for his mad skillz? Dude wouldn’t even take any money except for materials. Probably a good thing since we couldn’t afford him anyway!  He said he would build us another cabinet if we’d come back and visit and I said we would definitely visit without a cabinet.


I have to warn you though, Bob. On the way home over cocktails, we already started discussing one for the other side, just trying to figure out what to store there!

More photos on Flickr.


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