And the News Keeps Coming In

Welcome to The Mighty Bus!

We are still finding that newspapers around the country (and the world) have picked up the story from the Kansas City Star. Thankfully, most of them run all the photos, our paper only used three.

From Malaysia in  The Star.

And Westchester County, New York, just north of Manhattan in The Journal News.

The Killeen, Texas Daily Herald.

And The Stockton, California Record. Not able to find a link yet.  The ones that don’t have links I found out about from comments on the blog. Please leave a link if you see the article! Saves lots of Googling!

The Hilton Head Island Packet. This was in Stats, but couldn’t find the article.

The Knoxville, Tennessee News ran in their digital edition but you have to subscribe to access the story. Knoxville is near where my cousin Gaile and her husband Ken live. Last year we visited them and they got a cool video of the bus as we left New Market, Tennessee. If you check it out, you will understand why the street we are turning off is called Churchview Street.

Somebody even pinned the Koi Dragon art in the post about why we did the paint job. This is not my art.

We probably won’t be taking the bus out again till spring, so bear with us for the winter while we finish up a few projects. We ordered new blinds and they should be delivered this week. Then Jim will build the valances. Follow along!

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