New Blinds Have Arrived!

The cold weather has put sort of the kibosh on this project, but Jim soldiers forward. The AquaHot wouldn’t even fire on diesel since it is so cold, but he got it going on AC and when the blinds arrived he got it up to 53 degrees in the bus. Wilkerson prevails! Long underwear helps alot…

They are top down bottom up blinds; they will be awesome.

He is going to build the valances this winter but here is the progress so far…

Stay tuned…

IMG_5867 IMG_5868 IMG_5872 IMG_5874 IMG_5873
We spent alot of time examining the samples and are really happy with the Bali Storm Dove pattern  that we chose. We’ll see how they go down the road.

4 comments on “New Blinds Have Arrived!

  1. Wow very cool. No wonder everyone wants to see the bus, I understand when you work hard in the winter, I have shorts on, the heat puts me asleep. Hurray Jim.

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