More Bus Decor


We have been moving some stuff out of our house and into the bus. Needless to say, there is limited space so we have to pick and choose our favorites. One of them is this African wedding mask. I always wanted Jim to put a light behind it so the eyes and openings would glow; maybe now he will.


And we love these Oaxacan carvings and have an entire collection of them, large and small. Wanted to incorporate a few of our favorites into the bus. When we first placed these two as they are in this photo, we broke the pink one while moving in the cat stand, smashing it pretty well. No worries though, Jim fixed it. Have I mentioned that he can fix anything? We also have a new cat stand type arrangement that Bob Sponcil is working on as we speak. The really cool thing will be that it takes up zero floor space! He’s the guy who made our awesome computer cabinet. Plus it/they will look much groovier and function even better than the carpeted cat stand.

And I noticed that the previous photos of the new blinds didn’t show the bottom up option. Here that is:


3 comments on “More Bus Decor

  1. Looking good….sorry we didn’t connect during Thanksgiving…we had to make a quick/unexpected exit due to the storms that where coming through….the storms chased us all the way To Texas….take care…hopefully we’ll connect this year…I have bottle of “Texas vintage wine” for you Guys…Horst sends

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