Winter Projects

There’s not much to work on these days with the bus unless it’s an interior project. And those are pretty much off-limits too. With the bone searing cold we have had, the AquaHot won’t even fire on diesel. The outside of the bus still looks like the header photo with snow piled all around, even though Jim did have to shovel more to get his tool bay open. The blinds and clips are done and he is investigating quieter fans for the AquaHot; ours are noisy! When all three are on at once, it’s noticeable, shall we say.

We have been talking to a company since before the holidays about having slip covers made for the driver and passenger chairs. The leather upholstery is nice and soft, but it’s sticky when it’s warm out and Carmella likes to pretend the arms are a scratching post. We have avoided damage so far but wanted to have the utility of slip covers for extended journeys’ comfort plus cat control.

They came out and we got the go ahead from the slip cover person. She had never done captain’s chairs before and wanted to see the chairs in person to make sure it would work and look and wear well.  They took pictures and measurements and then they took off for Las Vegas for a convention. Meanwhile it snowed another foot here. Good timing on their part.

They sent us samples based on what we picked from the books they brought out. They came in the meantime and we narrowed them down.

As soon as I put them down on our grey carpet to take a picture, I liked how neutral the grey was. Lots of greys have green or blue in them. We ran into this with the blinds too. An example… I thought the left fabric was too blue, the right too green below.    


The fabrics are rated as to how many “double rubs” they will endure in their lifetime. The least was 30,000 double rubs and the most was 51,000. It just happened to be the neutral grey one we liked. Here are the finalists.

DSC_5387 DSC_5389 DSC_5392 DSC_5401
We liked the turquoise and red but thought it might be so dark to absorb heat in hot weather. We plan to spend a lot of time in hot weather. They and the teal were less substantial fabric and rated Medium Duty. We’re going for Heavy Duty. With the cost of the labor, it would be stupid to scrimp on fabric. HA! I say that not having heard the per yard cost yet.

When I took all the samples out to the bus to compare with the blinds, the denim twill, which I had thought was too blue, turned out to compliment the dash perfectly. It is also a very dense 100% Cotton fabric that little cat claws cannot shred. And it is made in the USA! We have a small couch in the house with denim twill and the only wear you see on it is human wear. Anyway, the denim twill, which has 45,000 double rubs:

This is how close to the dash color it is. And the stairwell is grey. That end of the bus, the cockpit or whatever, could be mostly that color.

Anyway, we are waiting for the fabric cost by the yard quotes now. Each chair will take 10 yards of fabric. We got the labor cost already. We had been thinking about having two sets made in different colors. That is probably not going to happen.

The neutral grey is not as dense as the denim, but it is tough feeling and seems water-resistant, if not waterproof. We like grey/neutral but with the blinds, Jim’s chair and the steps, plus the laminate in the cabinets, and now the slip covers? So much grey? It’s not all right together though and there is lots of color in the bus… Texture makes a difference too.

DSC_5414  DSC_5399

Of course the cost will factor in. My dad always told me I had a champagne appetite on a beer budget.

What do you think?

And can you tell we still are surrounded by snow?

2 comments on “Winter Projects

  1. Yes, sorry about the snow, passed us, don, t worry you both will have enough time for the work, sounds and reads great, happy v, day.

  2. I just learned so much from you about fabric when you have cats…That was a great I will have to put it in action…I feel like I am there with you…Many thanks and Happy Valentines Day..

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