It continues to be face freezing cold, with snow and ice on the ground. Today’s high will be like six degrees.

Jim took the driver and passenger chairs out of the bus and they are going to the slipcover place to have at least one set of slipcovers made. We are waiting on a color sample to see about a second set. Still, quite a bit of cash for slipcovers… maybe one set is enough.

At least that can get done in this deep freeze; not much else can. He ordered new fans for the AquaHot but they seem just as noisy as the old ones once he got them inside the register and mounted. Ideas anyone?

Even though I can’t draw, an unfortunate drawback, I have been enjoying my iPad apps for drawing and painting. It is really the perfect art studio, all colors and brushes/pencils/pens on hand at anytime, no waiting, no mixing, just draw. And, ahem, try to get better at it. 

A few recent examples:

 IMG_0977 IMG_0757 IMG_0734 IMG_0733 image (35) image (16) astrid-1 image (36) IMG_0933 IMG_1068




4 comments on “Meanwhile…

  1. Not bad for a beginner…It has been snowing here all day…Well all winter ..I to am tired of winter…love the magic bus…

  2. Wendy! Fabulous new drawings…I especially love the last one! What fun.

    So sorry to hear you and most of the country are still in the deep freeze. It’s definitely spring here, robins and all.


  3. We are getting three days of rain starting today…so glad it is not snow…So when does the might bus leave for fun in the sun…

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