Slipcover Progress

We got the first look at how the slip covers are going. The girl doing them is really good and has had to innovate a few solutions but our contact, Jessica, tells us they are looking good. Here are some pics she sent.

Crosby slipcover in progress 2 Crosby slipcover in progress 1

They are going to have us come out and check out the first one before they start on the second. This is the passenger side chair. The fabric has been laundered and ironed so no surprises when first washing comes around. Then we can get them treated for water repellant properties after they are all done.

I presume the wrinkle at the top left in the first photo will be smoothed out and pulled tight when all comes together. And we need to make sure the slipcover covers all the chair in the back so little cat claws can’t reach up in between the leather and slipcover and do their catty damage.

Now that the weather is a little better, it is easy to imagine the seats back in the bus and on the road!

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