And One is Done

We went up to North KC today to check out the first completed slip cover for the passenger chair. Jessica had emailed us pics of the progress so far and it was looking good. Today we saw the real deal in person. You guys, this is more like an engineering project or a science project than a simple upholstery project. And, I know, who ever said upholstery was simple? Apparently we have happened upon a gem of a slip cover maker, Rebecca, to the extent that when they see her work upholsterers ask, “Is that a slip cover?” I don’t know all the ins and outs of the fabric world but to finesse the seat belt holes, skirts, pockets, piecing, Velcro, and fitting the way she has done so far, I say Hats Off!

It is actually two separate pieces, the back and the seat, with a solid and scientific but simple system of Velcro and elastic to make everything a cohesive unit.

We are looking forward to getting the driver’s seat done soon, since we definitely need to have the driver’s seat to take the bus to a big annual party on the river in way early May. And re-install the seats. Hopefully, for the last time; Jim has taken them out more times than he would have liked for various projects.

Here are some pics.  IMG_6045 IMG_6046 IMG_6049 IMG_6050

First pic looks like a pocket but really is an access that allows you to get to the controls of the chair, recline, etc. Next pic really is a pocket. Stash your iPad here until the next turn. Maps in the old days. Magnifying glass may still apply.


The back with a bigger map/whatever pocket. Rebecca recreated it perfectly. We are excited to see the next one. And to test them out. We are going to have them waterproofed, well, water resistant-ized, after the fabrication. So hopefully the red wine doesn’t soak in before it is sopped off.

Stay tuned.


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