Our Chairs are Gaining Weight

The slipcovers are finished. And the chairs are back in the bus. I swear those chairs get heavier every time we have to wrangle them in and out. Hopefully this is the last time.
On the studio floor

We went up to Weave Gotcha’ Covered to pick them up April 25, they were a few days ahead of schedule. We went over the workings with Rebecca and Jessica and the ways they solved some of the problems were really ingenious and everything fits together well. I should have smoothed out the fabric before I took the pics; they fit well.
Driver’s seat back in the bus. The slipcovers go so well with the dash.

Passenger side


Jim adjusted the seat belt receptor so not so much stress on the fabric. They were a little different. That’s why they need your chairs.


We had ordered a Crypton waterproofing treatment; that only made sense. It was $100 per chair and when we saw the sample of a treated piece of material at the shop, it was like the old days. Remember when the thermometer “accidentally” broke and you could roll that lovely silver glob of mercury around in your hand? It never sunk in, just a shiny rolling disc in your hand.

When we saw that we thought, “Why wouldn’t you do this?” So the Crypton treatment people came out to the studio and sprayed it but when we tested it before leaving the shop, the water sunk right in! Hmmm. Not what we expected. The red wine would be staining our new expensive slipcovers. And yeah, I know about the Dawn/peroxide/vinegar mixture. That seems to work depending on how red the wine is. Or how much vinegar you use.

Jessica promised to get to the bottom of it and we are sure she will. It has been a pleasure to work with these women. We first contacted them in early fall of 2013. Jessica kept in touch through their busy holiday season and got it done at the end of winter. Highly recommend. Although when we told Rebecca, the person who actually created this phenomena, that other bus people might want some too, she sort of cringed. She tried not to, but she couldn’t help it. I don’t blame her. A science/engineering/spatial art/fabric project, all in one.

Except you have to take the seats out of your bus. Why are they so heavy?


We salute you! Jessica, Rebecca, Kelly. Thanks for making it happen.


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