I Forgot about the TV

We got a TV for the bus, mostly because I am a hopeless sports fanatic. Mostly football, college and professional and college basketball. Jim probably realized life would be miserable with me during certain seasons unless we had access to television. So, as usual, he went into action. Got a TV and mounted it on an articulating arm so it can fold up and be unobtrusive (most of the time). Or it can be fully articulated with angling up and down of the screen. And we had a cover made for it.

Here it is without the arm extended or the cover. He added the velcro tab at lower left because we noticed that when you turned the bus, the TV tended to swing out. Velcro is awesome.

Partly extended.

With the cover on. Screen side will be toward wall of bus when covered.

Stored and velcroed to wall. We may have to work on the velcro a bit, should have had Rebecca do that.

It’s been kind of a busy spring around here, so wanted to add this before I forgot.


One comment on “I Forgot about the TV

  1. Yes you would not want to miss the basketball and foot ball. GREAT IDEA, HAVE A great day. Love, CHerie.

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