A Very Busy Time Indeed

The last few months have really flown by. And it’s a good thing they are over, because we are exhausted.

On April 1, we put our house up for sale. By April 10, it was under contract. The good part is that we sold it ourselves and received a full price offer. By the time we put the sign in the front yard, we had been preparing the house and landscape for a few months. That was a lot of work.

During this whole time, Jim worked a 40 hour week getting his parents into skilled nursing and an independent living apartment, dealing with home health care, hospice, long term care insurance and all the related senior issues. Of course, since there were two levels of care involved, the expenses and time spent went way up. And he isn’t even the DPOA, just the one with the drive and energy to get it done. His family offered us very little to no support. No phone calls, no “How’s it going?” Everybody acted like because Jim is retired, he had more time to do all this. They are just as much their parents’ children as he is. And his older brother, who actually is the Power of Attorney, is also retired.

As an aside, we visited a friend in Columbia in early May, who was going on and on about his daughter going to college and how much work it was for him and how stressed he was. When I mentioned that we were a little wound tight too, he actually said, “Well, this is something you chose.” Like it wasn’t stressful if you picked the path. I reminded him that having children was his choice too. No answer.

On top of all that, I am retiring as FCA Editor and was working with the new Editor, my sister-in-law, all that time to turn over the magazine over to her. That took more time than just doing the issue myself, but the prep proved to be worth it and she was approved by the FCA Board of Directors in record time, five days. We had been working together since October;so the transition was fairly seamless.

Then we had the estate sale. Then we sold what was left over from that. Made a bonfire of everything else. Then we closed on the house.

By the end of a solid month of twelve hour days, we were operating on vapor. We were so tired when we woke up in the morning that it was miraculous that we were able to function. We just kept telling ourselves it was only for a few more days, weeks, whatever.

As much as I loved our house and landscape, I was looking forward to that part being over. And one good thing is that when you move, you normally don’t get to carry stuff out to the driveway and put it in your new residence. I guess I should be glad for that. If I had worn a pedometer during those times, I bet it would have come to 50,000 steps a day instead of the desired 10,000.

In the meantime, we also bought new bikes that we have barely had a chance to ride. I am really looking forward to putting more than 12 miles on that dude. A trip to the Katy Trail is definitely in the future.

The irony of moving into the bus is already twofold. The very first day after we closed on the house, Carmella managed to escape from the bus. It took me a half hour to coax her out from under the bus. But she finally squeaked and came within reach so I could grab her and get her back in the bus. Whew!

We are very fortunate to be parked at good friends until the FCA Convention in July, which will be my swan song. And the ultimate irony is that the day after closing, we spent three hours helping them mow their lovely property. Who mows a bigger place than their own AFTER they sell the house? They will be gone a couple of times while we are here and we are happy to be here, helping them.

It really is true that friends are the family you make for yourselves. That’s why we got the bus in the first place and it is already proving true.

More after I sleep for about 100 hours.



5 comments on “A Very Busy Time Indeed

  1. Jim & Wendy – Awesome. Thats all I can say. We are 4 days away from our one year Nomadiversary (June 20th) and I totally feel for you all. Its like a jet trying to break the sound barrier. So much momentum and energy that goes into wrapping everything up. But once you get through the sound barrier its no looking back. You are free to roam. Wish you the best…hope to see you on the road.


    • Hi Sean, I’ve followed your posts on BNO. Wendy and I checked out your blog as well. So many inspiring adventures and places to see! Thanks for sharing!

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