Storms: 2, Awning: 0

Lesson learned, as our friend Howard Best succinctly said. We had the awning out and left it out when we came back to the bus and went to bed. It had been raining like crazy here and we thought the awning was lowered enough to have the water run off. Wrong!

In the morning, Jim went out and it was filled with water.  He tried to poke it up with the broom and both the broom and the awning broke. We knew a trip to Carthage, Missouri was in the cards. We called Colaw’s and found a 20 foot awning. Our old one was supposed to be 20 feet, but it was only 17 when we got it installed.

The guys at RV Consignment saved the day and installed the new one. We stayed in their lot overnight before heading back the next day and it was a good thing we did. When Jim tried the new awning in the morning, the pull strap broke off. Colaw’s sent over another one and the Consignment guys attached it.

We will be more prudent in the future.


We tried to grommet it, attach some ropes and have a Hillbilly awning for a few days until the storms got that one too. Jim finally cut it off and we headed to Carthage.

IMG_6160 DSC_7694

DSC_7697  DSC_7695

DSC_7696  DSC_7698

The new awning:
IMG_6290 IMG_6295


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