Finally…Some R&R

June went by fast! We moved the bus from the house on the morning of June 2 when the estate sale people came to set up. We landed in a lovely spot at friends’ where we are work camping while they travel intermittently during our month+ here. They have five acres, lovely grounds, garden and pool. So we are mowing, watering the plants and taking care of the pool while they are gone. Work camping for friends. Win/win.

The house closed on June 10. On the 12th we met with Amber, our wizard financial advisor and she laid out the very good news that we have plenty of money to live to be 100. GAH! So more than enough to make it to 85 or so. Then we went out to celebrate, which was the first time we had come up for air in many months. It felt good and we ate and drank to our hearts’ ycontent.

Since I knew I needed to be here through mid-July for the FCA Convention, we thought we had a place for this month-long sojourn set up with another friend at his landscape business. When I went to make the final check and arrangements, he nixed it, saying he just wanted to “keep his head down” after bankruptcy and forced sale of the land. He is leasing it back now from the new owner, so understandable.

IMG_1811 IMG_1823
The universe knows best, however, since this place we landed is really a gem and worked out so much better. Quiet, private, even 20 amps of power. Not only that, we are totally saving on the black tank since we have our very own outhouse! Seriously! We swim in the pool and shower up there too, so we have only had to take on water and dump once in over a month. That was when we went to Carthage to replace the busted awning.

During that month, I had to make a whirlwind eight day trip to Minden, Nevada for the NAOC National Meet. Got picked up here in KC by some friends and hauled ass every day till we got there. Then four nights at the hotel and then back. I thought I had started to recover somewhat from moving, but that trip wore me out. The convention was good though, and the country interesting. It was a good transition trip between the house and the bus, and when I arrived “home” I was ready to be back, believe me.


This Fourth of July weekend was the first time in months that we actually got to relax and do nothing. Kind of disconcerting since I don’t really know what to do with all this free time. I think we will adjust though. We swam, sunned a bit, watered and mowed, rode our new bikes, drank beer and relaxed. For our Fourth of July entertainment, there were three separate fireworks displays, all within view, that went on for hours. What a great deal! Jim barbecued steaks and we had baked potatoes and avocados for dinner. Yay Freedom!

IMG_1894 IMG_1880 IMG_1870 IMG_1859

I have really enjoyed taking care of the garden and plants, since I got no garden this year.

After the Falcon Convention, where I am retiring and introducing the new Editor, we will head for Columbia, Missouri to ride the Katy Trail for a week or so. We have a great parking spot at friends on the river but if it is too wet, we have a backup plan. As Jim says, it’s always good to have a plan.

Then off to South Dakota to establish our residence, get licenses, insurance, all that fun stuff. Plus update our wills. Are YOU getting cut out? Kidding! You were never in it anyway…

Besides, we are going to spend all the money.


7 comments on “Finally…Some R&R

  1. So good to hear how well the “Plan” is coming together for you. Looking forward to T@bbing along vicariously! Dos Okies

  2. So glad to hear of your venture into the world of relaxation. Just roll with the punches, as you have already done with your first change of plans! BTW, if you ever travel thru Nebraska, stop at Minden (not Nevada, but Nebraska) and visit the Pioneer Village there ( ). They even have a nearby campground, very convenient. A large parking lot also.

  3. Jim and Wendy – Congrats on reaching retirement! How exciting! Hope to see you down the road.


  4. Wendy And Jim…. I Am So Frigging Happy For You Both !! I Hope That You Come Stay At Our Farm Out In Kansas Someday ! Ever Since I Met You Both At The Bus Rally In Blytheville I Knew And Hoped We Would Be Friends.
    Thank Youy So.. Much For Sharing Your Life With All Of Us Out Here.
    The Best Of Everything To You Both.

  5. So glad too hear everything is cool and good. Nice not to worry about things. I know what you mean. . Freedom love it ..take care . love to both , Cherie

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