On the Road Again…

We are going somewhere! After being comfortably ensconced at Mark & Marilyn’s for six weeks, it is time to hit the road. The FCA Convention is over; I have successfully retired and we are ready for some downtime.

We are pulling out today for Columbia to stay with friends on the river and ride the Katy Trail. Finally time to make use of our new bikes! I only have 30 miles on mine, but that will be changing soon.

IMG_6306 IMG_6313
We sold the truck, now we are down to bus and bikes. Yikes!

This place has been a great soft landing for us and the kitties, providing a most excellent transition between the house and being on the road regularly. We have been so fortunate to be able to help with the mowing, garden and pool. Mark and Marilyn are exceptional people, friendly, happy, laughing and so caring and sweet. How to thank someone who has made such a difference in our lives at this crucial juncture? We are eternally grateful and will extend to others the kindness and hospitality we have been showered with. Not to mention that we have been treated to a parade of Mark’s cool cars. Every time he pulls out, we are anxious to see which beautiful classic he is driving this time. Marilyn too!

DSC_8625  IMG_6354

Some friendly Falcon club folk welcomed us with this sign… Hmmm… Names blurred to protect the innocent.

The view across the road is very nice and Kansasy.

The zinnias are going crazy. So are the hibiscus.


The lilies are having a banner year due to so much rain.

The pool has been very inviting.

Our parking spot. They even said we can come back.

DSC_9327  IMG_6344

Tikita got another lion cut; only lasted three months! Before and after.

We put some stuff in the trailer we are storing. Except for what we have in the bus, this is the total of our material possessions! The horses are very friendly.

IMG_6348 IMG_6350

We visited Jim’s mom and dad for the last time in a while. Then we met friends for dinner. So many goodbyes! We are concentrating on the hellos!


This is my garden now…flowers and plants along the bike paths.

See you on the river!




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