Breaking in the Bikes

We are parked in a lovely quiet spot right next to the trail on friends’ property. This is our view from the bus.


They garden seriously and extensively and pretty much feed themselves year round with the bounty of their very hard work. Some of the goodies we have partaken of…

Sweetest corn so fresh.

New potatoes
Zucchini grilled to perfection on our little Hibachi

Along with tomatoes, cucumbers and tonight a delicious offering of Marni’s famous hot slaw. We ate the entire container.

They feed the birds all year long and when I saw all the hummingbirds, I dug out my hummingbird feeder (yes, I brought one), filled it up and within minutes the familiar little birds were buzzing about. We hung it on the awning right in sight. Pretty sweet.

On to the biking. We are really liking the new bikes. The Katy Trail is a great place to get used to a new bike and we have put about 100 miles on them since our arrival. Yesterday we rode into Columbia and rode around town a little. It is a lot different than when I was a bike commuter there, but the routes and distances all doable. More traffic though. Also, more bike lanes. Many more.


Some scenes along the trail; Hartsburg

DSC_9383 DSC_9389

Toward McBaine. Everybody knows the Big Tree. It has changed over the many years I have visited it but still standing, with fewer branches. It was 150 years old when Lewis and Clark came through these parts in 1804.


Helping a fellow traveler

Near Easley
In Wilton
The day before we arrived, Eric rescued a hummingbird who had gotten caught up in Tanglefoot and damaged a wing. They have nursed her back to health and both she and Eric have succeeded in cleaning her wing. She lets Eric take her out of her box. After six days, she has progressed enough that she is flying around their house. We went up and hung out while she was out flying around and feeding inside the house. He is very excited, with good reason, since a couple of days ago, she was starting to fail and not feeding. He moved her box over by the window so she was stimulated to feed and now she is queen of the kitchen. So very cool.

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