Not in Kansas Anymore…

We have been in Mitchell, South Dakota establishing our official South Dakota residency status. We planned our trip according to the fact that the license office is only open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We found a nice deserted campground where we could plug in and give the batteries a good soak and fill our fresh tank. And boy, did we fill it. OOPS!


We also rented a car since the license bureau is in Mitchell, our mail service is in Emery and the registration office is in Alexandria, all about 20 miles apart.

In spite of the fact that we had to drive all over, we got our mail, got driver’s licenses, registered the bus and got plates, opened a bank account, registered to vote, got library cards and had lunch in less than four hours. As Jim told the people in the license office, it was the most painless licensing process, ever! There were two windows at the driver’s license office and both of them were manned! In Kansas there were about 25 windows and maybe three were open. You could easily wait hours for just that part, never mind all the rest. It was usually a nightmare.

The next day we met with a lawyer and started the process of South Dakota-izing our wills, power of attorney, health care directives, all that good stuff.

Our new “neighborhood” although we will probably never go back there…

This is our physical address; it is actually called My Home Address. They were very helpful with helping us make sure we had all the right documents to get things rolling. Thanks Susan and Betty!


Across the street yard art:
IMG_6401 IMG_6402

Next we are headed to Woodward, Iowa to ride the High Trestle Trail.


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