Woodward, Iowa and the High Trestle Trail

We rolled into Woodward, Iowa late Saturday afternoon after a rather longish day. Due to our new ‘full slack policy’ (as in “everyone must have slack”) we seldom plan to drive more than 250 miles a day.  However, we actually have a deadline (Oh,no!) to meet and we really wanted to check out Iowa’s High Trestle Trail. So we rolled almost 350 miles and we’re now parked in an old defunct trailer court behind the Whistlin’ Donkey Bar and Grill. We’re a few hundred feet from the trailhead and in complete shade in an otherwise empty campground – how sweet is that? Last night we just stayed in. I did walk over to the Whistlin’ Donkey to pay our campground fee and the ‘too cools’ tried to overcharge. I got that straightened out and we enjoyed a lovely and quiet evening. Even got droned’ by some ultra-lights!


It seems like the entire state of Iowa is under cultivation in corn, beans and wheat. We drove for hundreds of miles and were surrounded by neat rows of crops in all directions. A few small towns and then just more corn. More than 99% of the original prairie is gone and Iowa used to be nearly all prairie. Still they call it the Bike Trail Capital of the World and if the High Trestle Trail is any example, it is.


We rode about 26 miles today and it was an absolutely gorgeous summer day. This trail runs for 25 miles between Woodward and Ankeny, Iowa on an old rail bed. It is smooth, solid concrete that makes for a quicker pace than the MKT. Of course it runs through farm country and on Sunday, everybody and Grandma is out on the trail. We saw everything from hikers to recumbents to road bikes.




It was such a pleasure to roll along under your own power in such a beautiful place, so you will surely understand my dismay at (Warning! Rant Ahead) the new trend in cycling:

Every third or fourth biker that passed us had to have their own personal radio blasting away at top volume, I mean, you could hear them coming and going forever!  Most of them were tuned to some golden oldies station playing the same tired stuff we’ve heard for the last 30 years.  So if  you are just now discovering this new fad or perhaps have been trailblasting for years, take a hint – you have the right to tune in to your favorite rock ‘n roll or country tunes or swing or jazz – even TALK RADIO?  Such a downer to hear Rush rant as you ride through God’s country on your bicycle  but why do you think its OK to make everyone else in the vicinity listen to it too? Now I love music of nearly all kinds and today I even heard some Hip/Hop with something to offer, but haven’t you heard of headphones or ear buds?  “EFFF EMMMM… No Static at ALLL,  EFFF EMMM” Sheesh.

And something for the car guys…





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