Frequent Flier Miles are Supposed to be for Fun Stuff…

But not this time. Jim’s mom died on August 22, just over a month after we got going on our travels. We are flying back to KC from Philadelphia  for the services this Labor Day weekend. Maybe not the best way to spend the holiday weekend; but appropriate too, since she always assumed the entire family would gather at the lake for this (and every) holiday. She had a good long life, well lived. We are sorry to see her go and Jim’s dad will be affected the most. But I am also thankful; that she is not living with the low quality of life she had for the last year or so. She was 91. So back we go.

We had been here about a week and were planning to move on to DC in a few days when we got the news. Fortunately, we are parked in some good friends’ driveway and they have graciously allowed us to not only leave the bus here while we are gone but they offered to look after the cats too. The services weren’t until ten days after her death so we have squatted here longer than we planned. What did we do to deserve such good friends?

Before we got to Philadelphia, where we are now, we stopped in West Chester, Pennsylvania to have a nice evening and dinner with old friends from Columbia. They made roast chicken, salad, corn on the cob and sweet potatoes. We have been eating like kings! We enjoyed catching up, dinner and seeing pictures from their recent bicycle tour of Austria. They took a tandem which broke down into two suitcases. Jealous much? I have never ridden a tandem but would like to try. Thanks Janice and Gary!


Getting to the Elks Lodge in West Chester was a little tricky. We mistakenly took the bus right through the quaint downtown and missed our sharp right turn into the lodge which necessitated driving down some very narrow streets with cars parked on both sides. Why does all this high anxiety stuff always have to happen when it’s my turn to drive? Once we got to the Elks, we had a very nice spot to park.


We drove partway across Pennsylvania on the Turnpike, not even across the whole state and our toll was like $63.00! Yikes! Some cool tunnels on the way.


In the time we have been here I visited my sister who lives very close by, we have ridden bikes, I got some work done and we went to the beach, besides having some great meals and pie.

IMG_6542  IMG_6529
Sister Tina and me. We had a great visit and I ate more pie.

IMG_6547  IMG_6548
The day at Sandy Hook was absolutely worth the long drive. We picked up sandwiches at Edie’s in Sandy Hook and spent the day playing in the waves, reading The New Yorker and people watching. Oh and drinking beer.

DSC_0178  IMG_6524
Our quiet and colorful surroundings and a delicious tomato pasta dish Michael concocted.

We are humbled and so very grateful for the good friends and the blessings flowing our way. When we get back, we will stay another day or so to ride the trails and to downtown Philly and then we will head for DC before swinging south for the winter.


2 comments on “Frequent Flier Miles are Supposed to be for Fun Stuff…

  1. Sorry about news, but sounds like you all have it together. Freinds and family are a blessing , my prayers with both of you. We had our baraque today as always I ate too much, love, cherie

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