We Interrupt our Programming…

To fly back to Kansas City for Jim’s mom’s funeral. And for me to catch a cold due to the freezing arctic temperatures in the funeral home. Michael and Randy not only graciously allowed us to leave the bus in their driveway, but to also take care of the cats and drive us to the airport. We can’t say how thankful and humbled we are top have such good friends. Michael says, “Not a problem!” when we get a little too thankful about it all…

Except for sitting on the runway for an hour or so before takeoff due to weather, all went as well as can be expected at such an event.

Lots of cousins came in from all over so it was fun to see them and get together. New baby George was there as well as the bigger kids. Time is flying, folks.

Some pics:

At the cemetery. She would have loved all the pink.

Chris and Laura. “We made up!” Hallelujah!
Mother and son, Janet and Ben
They could be sisters!
Two dads, Tyler and Matt
Jim and me with his dad

More pics here.


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