Kindred Spirits & Asheville Wrap-Up

We ended up spending a week in Asheville. The first few days we did some housekeeping around the bus. I ended up washing all the windows, inside and out. They really needed it plus the screens were really dirty. When Jim got the ladder out for me, unfortunately he wrenched his back pretty badly. Ouch! So we ended up renting a car for our adventures to the Biltmore Estate instead of riding our bikes as planned. That turned out to be a good move, with the ailing back and all. Plus it was a Dodge Challenger; handled a lot differently than the bus!

We also found out that riding 40 miles a day on the bikes does not translate well or prepare you for all the walking and stair climbing involved in our two days at the estate. After doing the house tour, the architectural tour and the Butler’s tour, plus all the walking around the extensive gardens, our legs and feet were talkin’ to us. So we took a couple extra days to recover and I needed to get some work done too.

While we were at the Bear Creek Campground, we met up with Nerds on the Road, who are friends of our friends, the Technomads, Cherie and Chris.  They said hello and it was fun to find their pics of our bus on Facebook. We were also parked right across from this very cool green mid-70s GMC Palm Beach model.
DSC_0602 DSC_0603

It wasn’t until the morning we pulled out that we had a chance to chat with these folks, but John and Annie turned out to be kindred spirits, fellow crazy people who sold everything and hit the road. In their case, they sold their 95 acre farm in West Virginia when they became surrounded by the natural gas companies. John said he felt like his land was being poisoned by all the fracking and they decided to bail.

They did things a little lot quicker than we did. They bought their RV in July and hit the road in August after 30 frantic days getting out of their house. Props to them! It took us a couple of years to divest and get everything ready to go. I wish we had had more time to talk because Annie and I immediately bonded over scenarios like waking up in the middle of the night thinking about stuff at “home,” missing our gardens and general new RVer angst. Everything is working out well for all of us, it was just really nice to meet up with someone who “gets it.” A lot of the people we talk with, even old friends, kind of gloss over the details of the actual divestment part of the deal. I think that may be because it is really too much to wrap your head around; we know; we did it! We gave them a card and hope they keep in touch (Hey guys, email us!) and we hope to meet up down the road somewhere.

Safe and happy travels, Annie and John! Keep in touch!



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