Padre Island National Seashore

We landed in Victoria, Texas for a few days to make sure we could watch the Royals in the World Series before making our way south and west. When we were setting up, we discovered that our leveler pads were missing! Wut? We didn’t have to level the bus the night before at the Elks Lodge in Beaumont so we didn’t notice until a day later that they were gone. Yikes! They were expensive.

Jim made a call and it turned out that the camp host at Fountainbleu State Park found them and is shipping them to us for a fraction of what it would cost to replace. Whew! Hope we don’t make that mistake again. So many things to learn by experience!

The park had cable, but as it turned out, we got better HD over-the-air reception from our antenna. We watched all three games and now they have to dig themselves back up tonight to get to game seven. When Jim and I started dating 29 years ago, we watched game seven in Columbia, Missouri when it was the I-70 series. They won it that night and we hope they recreate that this year.

DSC_0946 copy

We had a travel day in between and headed for Padre Island National Seashore. We knew we could boondock on the beach but weren’t sure about the TV reception. Score! Turns out we get the HD channel so will be watching the rest of the series here. Meanwhile we went exploring on the bikes. We rode over to Laguna de Madre to watch the windsurfers in one of the most hypersaline lagoons in the world.

DSC_0945 copy

It is HOT here! There is a good breeze but when you get out on the road, the heat really takes over. Tomorrow we are planning to ride on the beach with the breeze coming off the water. Rough, I know.

A few pics:

DSC_0931 copy DSC_0934 copy  DSC_0937 copy   DSC_0947 copy DSC_0958 copy DSC_0963 copy

Go Royals! Take the crown!

DSC_0955 copy


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