We Washed It! Finally…

After traveling since July, the bus was getting really dirty. The paint job keeps it from showing too much at a glance but it needed a good going over. Once we got to our winter destination, we decided to tackle the task. It took all day, but we did it!

Jim started on the roof and we worked our way down. We weren’t real sure what to use to clean it up, it was so dirty! I had bought some degreaser in Falfurrias, Texas for the engine back end where it was especially dirty. When I read the directions, it said not to use on painted surfaces. Great…

I tested a little swatch and it seemed OK but it didn’t work that well and required a lot of what my mom called “elbow grease.” We decided to start on the sides.

We put  about two gallons of water with a healthy pour of Advanage Wonder Cleaner in a bucket and used a brush and scrubber sponges soaked with a shot of Wonder Cleaner full strength. I have been using this stuff for years, diluted or full dose depending on the dirt. You hardly ever need a full dose. I alternated with white vinegar routinely on floors, countertops, mirrors. I used to clean the garage floor with it. That stuff is amazing! It really is Wonder Cleaner. Would it work on a bus?

The engine bay doors. We didn’t think these would ever come clean. That Detroit Diesel 6V92 may be a little dirty, but does it ever just go down the road. We can live with the dirt.



IMG_6945 IMG_6947

We figured it would take us several hours to wash the bus ourselves and it took most of the day. We used the Wonder Cleaner soaked scrubber sponges after we went over it with a soft brush wet liberally with the bucket mixture. The brush loosened the dirt and we followed up everywhere we could reach with the sponges, which is where most of the dirt was anyway. Then we rinsed with the hose and nozzle.

Easy as bread. Remember the TV show that’s from?

But it is still a lot of square footage to cover and lots of ladder climbing and moving. We had picked the perfect day, warm but overcast so we weren’t getting beaten down by the sun all day.

When we got to the engine bay doors, we just kept on with the Wonder Cleaner and didn’t even need any of the degreaser and not much of the aforementioned elbow grease. We started with a 3/4 full bottle of the concentrate, of which I happened to have two. By the time we were done, we still had cleaner left in the first bottle. I guess we have enough to wash it again. We still need to do the bike bag.

AFTER: It really did make it lighter and brighter.

IMG_6946 IMG_6943

Needless to say, I highly recommend Advanage Wonder Cleaner. The quart bottle we used costs about $30 but it is a bargain. Best cleaner ever.

And no, this post isn’t sponsored. I wish it was. This is just some seriously good stuff.



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