December Days

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Where does the time go? We are six weeks into our Winter Texan gig and it is working well. I am managing to work ahead on magazine stuff during the cooler days and I finally have time to switch over to the new computer I bought in April. We are enjoying the 70+ degree weather immensely, wearing as few clothes as possible, playing water volleyball, swimming, doing yoga, riding bikes, taking the kitties on walks, attending happy hours and eating up a storm.

We hosted our first Happy Hour last week. It was lots of fun. Everybody brings their own beverage and chair and some bring food. It lasts about an hour and is a great way to meet lots of nice people. There is one every night somewhere and no, you don’t have to drink. I can’t start drinking that early anyway, 4:00 PM?

The kitties are going outside daily and people get a kick out of them in their harnesses on a “walk.” Mostly we try to keep them from getting tangled up with each other and out of the engine compartment of the bus.

Carmella says “Come ON!”

Astrid is the shyest although she has ventured out more the last few days. She runs for the bus on a regular basis. We keep the door open so they can run right in. They don’t like it when the wind picks up; it is automatic cat control.

Tikita concentrates on eating grass. Oh and getting into the engine bay.

Jim installed a satellite and Direct TV in/on the bus just in time to watch Monday Night Football for the first time this season! We decided what the heck. Even if we only watch a few things like football and March Madness and some PBS. He will post about that but it went smoothly. He is awesome.

We made a great discovery, Delia’s, specializing in tamales. I found this place on my Yelp app and we biked in to eat lunch last week before we shopped. It’s always good to go to the grocery store on a full stomach! We ate a half dozen spicy chicken tamales and ended up buying two dozen more to take back to the bus. Delicious! The greenish sauce at the topping station turned out to be habañero, not avocado like I thought when I lavished it over my plate. Clear your sinuses much?
THIS! So delicious! Watch out for the green sauce next time…

A few recent Texas sky pics.

DSC_1076   DSC_1051  DSC_1077  DSC_1053

Next up: Welcome to Junior’s, best grocery store ever. It deserves its own post.




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