Signs of Mexico

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We love Mexico. We have been going for years, so even though it was just a day trip it was great to be back. I even had pesos in my money clip that I had been carrying around since we were there last. We had a chance a while ago to go on a day trip to the border town of Progreso, so we did. Funny how you just start speaking Spanish again.

We drove to and walked across the bridge. The first stop was the very good margarita bar. Then most of the girls except me went to the nail salon to have pedicures and manicures. They didn’t tell me about the margaritas there!

Man, is it ever catered to the day trippers. What lots of Americans go to the border towns for are dental work, liquor, prescription drugs and booze. So every store is a combination of bar (great margaritas), tourist trap shop, liquor store, and pharmacy (antibiotics, Viagra available without prescription). We did a little bit of the “No, gracias” strip touring and succumbed to a couple of bolsa bags. As soon as you get off the main drag, it is the same as what we remember in the Yucatan. Pollo asado, colorful houses, goats, friendly people. Ahhh.

Some photos. More on Flickr.

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