Office and Okies

Time is flying by here in the Rio Grande Valley and we are definitely having fun. The weather is turning nicer after a few cool rainy spells but we have absolutely nothing to complain about compared to those enduring winter farther north. This is the first winter I have spent in a warm climate and I have to wonder why all those folks up north don’t move south immediately. And why we didn’t move south sooner. Oh yeah, jobs and all that.

Speaking of jobs, the cool weather has been a great opportunity for me to work ahead. Jim installed an extendable laptop arm for each of us and I have been making the most of mine. The granite tabletop was not conducive to long-term use; it was uncomfortable to sit for so long and the granite froze my forearm. This arrangement is much better.



When not in use, the arm folds up flat against the wall between the charging station cabinet and the passenger seat. Genius!

We bought swim goggles and have been making up for the lack of 40+ mile bike rides by swimming laps. It also helps to counteract all the deliciousness we encounter here in the park and in town. Before 2014 was over, I had over 1000 miles on my new bike, all since mid-July. My goal for this year is at least 2500 miles. We are still riding to the store, of course, but that is only about a 20 mile round trip. We have to do a bit of dog dodging; whole packs seem to lay in wait for us but it just gets our adrenaline up and we bike faster. And if the wind is blowing, which it often is, one leg of the trip goes much faster than the other. It helps to be loaded down when the wind picks up.

We also need to figure out where we are heading when we leave here. We know we will go west but have been so busy eating and drinking having fun and socializing that we haven’t really figured out any specifics. I know I want to get back on the Bike Trail Tour, so we just need to spend some time on that. We have friends in Arizona, California, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado we want to see too. We probably won’t make it to Alaska this summer. That is the last state I need to check off my list.

Jim has started playing his ukeleles and he sat in on his first gig at Pub Night last week. A couple of musicians in the park have taken him under their wing and it is fun to sit outside under the awning listening to them jam during Happy Hour. He is playing The Big Rock Candy Mountain in the variety show next weekend and has been practicing diligently. For just a month or so in, he is pretty good and improves daily. I will try to post a video soon.

Our good friends from Oklahoma are coming to visit next weekend! Yay! They call themselves Dos Okies. We met in Mexico at a similar venue and hit it off with them right away. When our hosts in Mexico said, “The tie-dye people are coming tomorrow” I asked why she called them that. She said “You’ll see.” And we did. They have perfected the art of tie dye and create some fantastic designs. They always wear tie dyed stuff; I have never seen them in anything else. We visited them in Oklahoma one long weekend a few years ago and had a marathon tie dye session. I predict a colorful weekend with friends. We can’t wait!


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